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ΝοŢμβριος 2021 : Παρουσ▀αση στο Blackhat απŘ παλιŘ μŢλος του εργαστηρ▀ου και της δρ▄σης Islab Honeynet Project.
Μ▄ιος 2021 : Η σřνδεση του δικτřου ΑΡΙΑΔΝΗ/ΕΔΥΤΕ που αν▄πτυξε και λειτουργε▀ το ISLAB σε συνεργασ▀α με το ΕΔΥΤΕ, συμβ▄λει στην υλοπο▀ηση του project “H2C2, Hike to Hack Climate Change” απŘ το ΙΠΡΕΤΕΑ στην κορυφŮ του Řρους Χελμοř.



Highlights of experience within the network laboratory in the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT)


Historically one of the first Network Labs in Greece formed in mid 80's within the scope of programme "Ariadne"á - the Greek National Research and Academic network (NRN) that pioneered Networking into Greece iná collaboration with EU's initial Networking efforts such as COSINE (Co-operation for Open Systems IN Europe) , VALUE II and ACTS (Advanced Communication Technologies and Services). Programme "Ariadne" was launched by the Ministry of Industry, Research and Technology in 1983, re-located and assigned to the IIT of th National Research Center 'Demokritos' in 1988. During 1994 - 1996 network operationsá were moved to NTUA with substantial know-how transfer from "Ariadne". In 1998 a new NRN organization was established by the Genenal Secretariat for Research and Technology www.gsrt.gr .

Directed the course of the Greek NRN towards the Internet trail after large scale experimental work with ISOá technologies (X.25, X.400, X.500) www.iso.org financed by the EU www.tinyurl.com/yb2xvg3 .In early 90's Programme "Ariadne" co-foundedá RARE www.tinyurl.com/ybsod3g (later named TERENA www.terena.nl áand the Networking organization DANTE (Deliverly of Advanced Networking Technology In Europe) www.dante.net officially representing Greece in its constitution.

Participated in international Internet technical developments, notablyá Routing Policy mechanisms (BGP) as a member of EBONE (internet backbone in Europe, see wikipedia) and RIPE working groups. Collaborated with CERN www.cern.ch in project CHEOPS for high speed network experiments.

Established the first public ISP "ARIADNE-T" www.ariadne-t.grá in Greeceá and later transfered know-how to the Greeká PTT www.ote.grá collaborating with National Technical University (NTUA) www.ntua.grá to establish the commercial internet service "OTE-NET" as a partnership of the above three organizations (shares held by Demokritos until 2007).

Technical co-ordinator of large scale multi-national e-science, e-learning and e-health demonstrative research activities (UNIVERSAL, GALENOS, EXPERT, NICE, INSURED,á HIM, CHIN). Participated in the introduction of High Speed Networks into Greece/Europe (Satellite, ATM, UMTS) and Applications in Education and Health.
Co-ordinated the creation of Network Labs in Universities directing students in experimental technologies such as multimedia Email, information harvesting, development and co-ordination ofá Application Level Gateways (RFC987 ), backbone technologies ATM, MPLS and Intrusion detection technologies from CISCO and Sourcefire www.islab.demokritos.gr/gr/html/ptixiakes.htm.

Participated in Honeynet Research Alliance www.honeynet.org that promotedá awareness aboutá Internet threats and knowledge sharing,á collaborating with Universities and GRNETá usingá Open Software.Theá laboratory has established a strategic collaboration with the National Drugs Organization and the Greek Atomic Energy Commision on issues of Network and Systems Security providing consulting services. It has the responsibility of the development of the campusá Data Center for eight Institutes. The Data Centerá hosts the 10 Giga optical node of theá GRNET3 Athens Metro ring, it connects seven external Institutes with 1 Giga links and the HELLASGRID node www.hellasgrid.gr The laboratory collaborates with the Telecommunications and Wirelessá laboratories of the Institute on the convergence of Telecommunications and the prospect of Future Internet www.iit.demokritos.gr